Our Services

We are a one stop company providing a range of services to support all your wind turbine project needs.

We can help you at any point of your wind turbine project life cycle; from construction of the site, to management of the project, servicing and repair once in use and then decommissioning at the end of the lifecycle.  

Construction services
We can help manage the construction phase, providing a range of expertise to help with your project. These include Mechanical and electrical installation supervisors, site managers and project management professionals.
Health and safety audits
Throughout a project and beyond we can complete site safety audits to ensure there are no hazards or risks to employees and the wider public.
Site management
We can provide cBoP and/or TSA site and project managers. Our experienced site managers ensure that projects run smoothly on the ground.
Service and Repair
Our skilled staff can carry out high quality servicing on site, including routine maintenance and repairs, annual checks, emergency repairs and more pre-emptive maintenance. Our experienced wind turbine technicians can react quickly to any issues, undertaking external and internal tower repairs.
Wind turbine inspections
Our inspections involve checking your fleet of wind turbines and detecting any issues or potential problems. Our findings can help you create a plan to ensure all your wind turbines are operating at their best.
Decommissioning teams
At the end of the life cycle of the wind turbine we can help decommission the site.
Employers Engineers
Quality control - Turbine/components inspections/ walkdowns
External/Internal Tower Repairs
Client representatives

We can provide cBoP and/or TSA Client Representatives.


We can provide cBoP and/or TSA site/project managers.


We can provide cBoP and/or TSA electrical supervisors and site managers. Our experienced site managers ensure that projects run smoothly on the ground.


We can provide cBoP and/or TSA resources for your wind turbine project.

TSA Site, Construction / Project Managers

We can provide cBoP and/or TSA site/project managers.

Mechanical and electrical installation supervisors
We can provide cBoP and/or TSA mechanical and electrical installation supervisors.
Quality Inspections
We can provide cBoP and/or TSA Quality inspections.
EOW Inspections
Wind Turbine Technicians

Drone services

We also provide extensive drone services through our sister company KRV Drone Services

Health, safety, environment and quality

We have competent, trained HSEQ managers to look after your important health and safety checks

  • Swedish BAS-P/U
  • Construction Design Management (UK/CDM)
  • NEBOSH Construction certified
  • Site Inspections
  • Incident/Accident Investigations
  • HSE Trends/KPIs – Leading indicators
  • Full HSEQ oversight of projects
  • Internal Audits
  • Electrical Installation Supervisors
  • ISO auditing – ISO 9001, ISO 4500, ISO 14001
  • Lead in safety observations
  • Workshops
  • Creating policies, processes and procedures
  • Generating/Approving : Risk Assessments & Method Statements (RAMS)


Looking for your next career?

We know that our employees are key to our success. We need the right people to support us to keep our business growing. We strive to create a work environment that is safe and diverse, where skills and talent are valued. 


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